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November 21st, 2007 | by Forex Sleuth |

Most countries have their own currency, however as many countries form into large trading blocks a single currency is used across many countries, as with Euroland. However, some countries continue to use their own money, which is sometimes pegged to another stronger currency which makes it stable. If you are trading currencies with your FOREX broker, you will more than likely stick with the few top trading pairs, as they will be the most familiar to you. Even if you do not trade the majority of currencies, which could be very risky, you still may want to know the money that is used in a particular foreign country. You may make a bundle 4x trading and decide to take a vacation with the proceeds, so familiarizing yourself with a local currency is always a plus.

Here is a list of some countries and Euroland with the name of their currency and trading symbols.

  1. Argentina Pesos ARS
  2. Australia Dollars AUD
  3. Bahamas Dollars BSD
  4. Barbados Dollars BBD
  5. Belize Dollars BZD
  6. Bermuda Dollars BMD
  7. Bolivia Bolivianos BOB
  8. Brazil Reais BRL
  9. Brunei Darussalam Dollars BND
  10. Cambodia Riels KHR
  11. Canada Dollars CAD
  12. Cayman Islands Dollars KYD
  13. Chile Pesos CLP
  14. China Yuan Renminbi CNY
  15. Colombia Pesos COP
  16. Costa Rica Colón CRC
  17. Cuba Pesos CUP
  18. Cyprus Pounds CYP
  19. Denmark Kroner DKK
  20. Dominican Republic Pesos DOP
  21. East Caribbean Dollars XCD
  22. Egypt Pounds EGP
  23. El Salvador Colón SVC
  24. European Union Euro EUR
  25. Falkland Islands Pounds FKP
  26. Fiji Dollars FJD
  27. Gibraltar Pounds GIP
  28. Guernsey Pounds GGP
  29. Guyana Dollars GYD
  30. Hong Kong Dollars HKD
  31. India Rupees INR
  32. Iran Rials IRR
  33. Isle of Man Pounds IMP
  34. Israel New Shekels ILS
  35. Jamaica Dollars JMD
  36. Japan Yen JPY
  37. Jersey Pounds JEP
  38. Laos Kips LAK
  39. Lebanon Pounds LBP
  40. Liberia Dollars LRD
  41. Malta Liri MTL
  42. Mauritius Rupees MUR
  43. Mexico Pesos MXN
  44. Mongolia Tugriks MNT
  45. Namibia Dollars NAD
  46. Nepal Rupees NPR
  47. Netherlands Antilles Guilders (Florins) ANG
  48. New Zealand Dollars NZD
  49. Nigeria Nairas NGN
  50. North Korea Won KPW
  51. Oman Rials OMR
  52. Pakistan Rupees PKR
  53. Peru Nuevos Soles PEN
  54. Philippines Pesos PHP
  55. Qatar Rials QAR
  56. Russia Rubles RUB
  57. Saint Helena Pounds SHP
  58. Saudi Arabia Riyals SAR
  59. Seychelles Rupees SCR
  60. Singapore Dollars SGD
  61. Solomon Islands Dollars SBD
  62. South Africa Rand ZAR
  63. South Korea Won KRW
  64. Sri Lanka Rupees LKR
  65. Suriname Dollars SRD
  66. Sweden Kronor SEK
  67. Syria Pounds SYP
  68. Taiwan New Dollars TWD
  69. Thailand Baht THB
  70. Trinidad and Tobago Dollars TTD
  71. Turkey New Lira TRY
  72. Tuvalu Dollars TVD
  73. United Kingdom Pounds GBP
  74. United States of America Dollars USD
  75. Uruguay Pesos UYU
  76. Vietnam Dong VND
  77. Yemen Rials YER
  78. Zimbabwe Dollars ZWD
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